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Bill Nye and Ken Ham’s Upcoming Debate: Could it Lead to Conversion?

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I believe the Bible is true. It is God’s Word. I believe God created the world in six days. I have been to Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. I have heard Ken Ham speak and have often used the resources on his ministry’s website. On February 4, Mr. Ham will …

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Seattle Seahawks: The Making of a Champion

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I was born in Seattle. I have been a fan of the Seahawks as long as I can remember. So glad to see them make it to the Super Bowl this year! Back in October, some of the Christian players and coaches on the team released this video. I wrote …

Looking for Love: A Teenager’s Poem about Finding the Right Person to Marry

Pastor Pat Christian Living, Marriage, Sermon Reflections

Something that has always been on my heart in ministry is helping young people have the right Biblical attitude about love, dating, and marriage. I love having the opportunity to talk about what the Bible says about these issues. I recently started teaching through the book of Genesis. Last Sunday, …

Four Reasons to Go to a Conference

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Sometimes I think there are too many conferences in Christianlandia. I’m probably wrong. Next month, I am attending a retreat for senior pastors. It’s not really like the usual conference with popular speakers, packed agendas, and rockin’ worship bands. I like those type of conferences, but the retreat I am …

Genesis One: A Teenager’s Paraphrase

Pastor Pat Bible Study, Sermon Reflections

This past Sunday, at Calvary Oakville, we began a study through the book of Genesis. You can check out the message here. Here is a paraphrase of Genesis 1┬áby one the youth that comes to Calvary. This Sunday Pastor Pat started going through Genesis. I love Genesis 1 and I …