Four Reasons to Go to a Conference

Sometimes I think there are too many conferences in Christianlandia. I’m probably wrong.

Next month, I am attending a retreat for senior pastors. It’s not really like the usual conference with popular speakers, packed agendas, and rockin’ worship bands. I like those type of conferences, but the retreat I am attending has a different focus. We will gather for about three and half days in a big living room. Some of the brothers will teach the Word. We’ll pray, eat, and worship. God will be there. He will speak to our hearts.

This will also be the first January that I have missed the Southeast Calvary Chapel Pastors and Leaders Conference in Florida. This is, by far, a truly great conference. I started going to this one back in the early nineties when it just started; there were probably only about thirty or forty people there that first year. Pastor Chuck was there. It was the first time I heard him speak live. This conference has always been a time for my wife and I to hear from the Lord; it has been wonderful. Sad to miss it this year. If you are anywhere near Merritt Island, you should attend!

Here’s their promo video.

Pastors’ Conference Promo from Calvary:Connect on Vimeo.

Here’s four good reasons for you to go to a conference.

1. Encouragement. We all need it; the right conference brings it.

2. Discipleship. Taking people to conferences is a great way for them to “get it”. They learn that ministry is bigger than what God is doing in the local fellowship. Conferences impart vision.

3. Fellowship. This goes along with encouragement. It’s so good to spend Christ-centered time with other ministry warriors.

4. Teaching & Training. Most of the conferences I’ve been to have a strong Biblical teaching focus. It’s always solid and always edifying. I’m the kind of guy that likes some nuts and bolts workshops as well. Some conferences have a plethora of workshops that will improve your skill set.

What conferences are you planning on attending this year?

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