Looking for Love

Looking for Love: A Teenager’s Poem about Finding the Right Person to Marry

Something that has always been on my heart in ministry is helping young people have the right Biblical attitude about love, dating, and marriage. I love having the opportunity to talk about what the Bible says about these issues.
I recently started teaching through the book of Genesis. Last Sunday, I took our congregation through chapter two. The message was, “How It Was Meant To Be.”
You can listen to that message here.

Recently, one of the young ladies in our church emailed me this:

This Sunday Pastor Pat talked about when God created Adam and Eve, and how He made them perfectly for each other. He spoke about trusting God to bring you the right person. I liked something he said. “Focus more on being the right person than on finding the right person.”

Looking for Love

Looking everywhere frantically,
“Who am I going to love?”
Worrying that your life won’t build up
As you always planned it would.

One person after another,
Trying to find the right one,
Hurting yourself as you desperately search
For a soul mate yet find none.

“Why is this happening, Lord?”
You ask Him one night.
Why can’t I find someone with whom
To live through the rest of my life?

Lovingly he answers you,
“It’s not your job, that’s why.
The one that you were meant be with,
Trust Me to supply.”

“While you are on your own,
Keep your eyes on Me.
Come to Me, devote yourself,
I know your every need.”

“Soak yourself in prayer,
And study in My word.
Don’t fret yourself with other things,
Your future is My work”

So you pull your mind away from
Searching uselessly for love,
And instead you choose to love the One
Who will always be enough.

Resting in the Lord you’ll find
A happiness and peace!
Trust the Lord to bring you anything
You really need.

When you’re walking with the Lord
And place your future in His hands,
Eventually the day will come
When He brings you what you asked.

Fall in love with Jesus,
Let His love shine through,
Live for Him and some one’s bound
To fall in love with you!

What other wisdom do you have about finding (or being!) the right person?

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