To A World Without Terror

When I was a child, I rarely, if ever, heard the word “terror”.

Oh, I’m sure I read it in some book at some point, or heard it in a passing sentence in a movie. But I never recall having my parents explain to me what a “terrorist” was. Perhaps there was the once in every few years account of a crazy mad-man somewhere on the other side of the world wearing a black mask and doing something with a bomb or gun or knife.

Maybe I had a pretty sheltered childhood. I lived in a world without terror. I guess a lot of North American kids do.

There’s killing in the Bible. There’s┬ámurder. Actually, the first human being that was born killed a man. His name was Cain.

There’s death and blood shed and senseless violence in the pages of Scripture.

But there’s also hope.

Hope for a new beginning. Hope for a world without death, pain, or tears.

Hope. Don’t think “I-really-hope-so” hope. Think “yes-this-is-truly-going-to-happen” hope.

One day, Jesus will come back and put an end to the world as we know it. Sin – and terrorism – will be obliterated. We will be made new.

His Kingdom will come and His will be done.

Jesus will rule forever and ever. If you know Him, you will rule and reign with Him.

As bad as this world gets, we do not lose hope.

Right now, He is setting up His kingdom in the hearts of men and women.

Is He on the throne of your life?

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