Thinking about the Baby Saviour


At Calvary Fellowship, we had a great Christmas!

Our service on December 22 was well attended in spite of a severe ice storm. Besides attendance, the Lord was there as we gathered to reflect upon Immanuel – God with us!

Our Christmas Eve gathering was packed and included much really, really good food, carolling, seeing some old friends, and having some engaging conversations with people about the reality of the birth of Jesus.

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the teenagers at Calvary has committed to writing some reflections about my sermon every week. Here’s what she sent me after Christmas.

Baby Saviour

Looking upon the world He made,
Sadly gazing down.
He’d put them in a perfect place,
But they’d slowly torn it down.

With just one man’s rebellion,
One woman’s fatal fall,
Sin separated them forever,
From living with their God.

But Father loved His children,
And couldn’t bear to see them die.
So he sent them a Saviour,
To bring them back to life.

God Himself, came down to us,
In a fragile human form.
The Son of God, a baby,
In a humble stable born.

This tiny child, so precious,
Was the sacrifice for man.
God incarnate, little boy,
God’s salvation plan.

This boy would grow, and live his life
Without a trace of sin.
At the end of it He’d die for ours,
They’d all be placed on Him.

Three days later He’d rise again,
Defeating death with light.
Because of him our sins were paid,
And with God we would reunite.

That little baby, fast asleep,
Would be our saving grace,
Bringing salvation and forgiveness
To all the human race.

So every year at Christmastime,
We celebrate that eve.
When Christ came down,
Immanuel, to wipe our life-slates clean.

That lonely night in Bethlehem,
We rejoice when we remember;
“You will find a baby wrapped in cloths
And lying in a manger”.

What do you think about the Baby Saviour? How have you reflected upon Christmas? Click here to comment.

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