Some Calvary Chapel Links Regarding The “Strange Fire” Controversy

One of the core distinctives of Calvary Chapel is our openness to the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit, without compromising the importance and centrality of the teaching of the Word of God in a casual and relaxed style.

Recently, at the church I pastor, Calvary Fellowship, we have re-arranged our Sunday morning services by moving most of our worship time to after the sermon. Because worship is more than singing, we have also been using this time after the sermon for prayer, seeking the Lord together as a body. and being open to the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The result has been amazing. We have been experiencing His presence in a new and wonderful way.

If we had our own building, we might do it differently, maybe by having a Sunday evening service like many of the Calvarys do. But for now, this is how the Lord has us doing church and it’s been great. I so need the Holy Spirit, not just for ministry, but for life!

Last year, John MacArthur held a conference he called Strange Fire where he taught his secessionist position on the “sign” gifts of the Holy Spirit. It brought this issue to the forefront in Christendom. While I have been blessed by John MacArthur’s teaching and ministry, I disagree with his much of his position on the Holy Spirit’s gifts. I’m thankful for Calvary’s response. Here’s some links highlighting not just the response to “Strange Fire” but some other resources on the ministry of the Holy Spirit today.

David Guzik wrote a great article. You can read it here.

There’s an interview with Brian Brodersen here.

You can read an excerpt from Pastor Chuck’s book, Living Water, here.

You can read one of the books written by Pastor Chuck Smith that helped me in my early days as a believer, Charisma vs. Charismania, here. Or buy it here or here.

Most importantly, you can pray and call on the Lord to fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you will have power to be His witness today!

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