Pray About It

pray about it“So Moses brought their case before the Lord.” Numbers 27:5

The Lord wants a leader to pray – to really pray. I know we often say “Pray about it,” But we really need to “Pray about it!”

You cannot know what God wants in many situations without prayer.

It’s been well said, “Listen not to a man who has not listened to the Lord.” There is not a situation that should not be prayed about. Of course, we look to the Word for wisdom and direction, but it is prayer where our hearts are laid bare and submitted so we can truly listen to how the Lord would have us apply His Word to the situation for which we are seeking an answer.

More than once, I had planned a certain course of action that the Lord then, re-directed as I prayed more about it.

God gave Moses the answer to His concern and He will give you, dear saint, the answer you desperately need.

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