jump fireWhen you are stuck in a crisis, you might have to jump.

Here’s what I mean. God wants us to walk by faith. When we live without trusting in the Lord, we sometimes make a mess out of things. The only hope is to completely, thoroughly, totally, and absolutely surrender all to the Lord. He can take the mess of your life and put it together in a very beautiful and supernatural way.

If your life is falling apart, jump into the arms of the Lord. He will most certainly catch you.

Here is a poem written by one of the young ladies at Calvary Fellowship about a story I told recently in a sermon.

Fire and smoke chased the family out
Of the house they so dearly loved.
But once they were out the father realizes
He was missing his youngest son.

 In despair the father searched frantically,
“My son!” He fervently cried.
Listening hard for the 5-year-old voice,
“Daddy! Daddy!” came the reply. 

Looking up toward where the sound came,
He could see through the timbers alight.
In the second story window his child’s
Young eyes tear filled and wild with fright.

Running to a spot ‘neath the window,
Spotting the child through the smoke.
Bracing himself looked upwards

And to the frightened child he spoke. 

“Jump, my son! I’ll catch you!
Jump now! Get out of there!”
He held out his arms and beckoned
To his son in the hot grey air.

 “But daddy! The poor child responded
Sweating and crying in fear.
I can’t see you, Dad, I can’t see you!
But Dad replied, “I am here” 

“Don’t worry if you cannot see me,
I can see just where you are.
Trust me, my boy, just jump now, be brave.
I promise you’ll land in my arms.”

So although he was crying and scared,
The boy trusted in where he would land.
He threw himself down, and yes, sure enough,
He was caught in familiar hands. 

He trusted the words of his father.
He jumped out just as it was told him.
As he fell through the air he knew without doubt
That his strong loving father would hold him. 

We too have a Father to catch us,
If our lives erupt into flames.
At times we don’t see Him, but He’s strong and He’s loving.
We must trust in the things that he says. 

And though we can’t always see Him,
He can always see where we are.
He’s promised that He’ll always catch us,
If we’ll trust him with our lives and our hearts. 

So don’t doubt as you look at the fire,
Don’t think that He’s too far to care.
Our Father in heaven has given His word
That in hard times He’ll always be there.

Have you ever had to “jump” into the arms of the Lord? Feel free to comment.

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