Do You Have Time to Listen to a Sixty Minute Sermon? How About a ONE Minute Sermon?

I recently read that we spend ninety minutes a day on the phone. All of that time is not spent in actually calling people. Using your cell phone to make a call is actually sixth on the list behind web browsing, using apps, checking social media, and gaming.

How are you spending your time on your mobile device? With all of the Bible and church apps available, we can study scripture while we are in line at the grocery store, we can memorize Bible verses while we are in the drive through line, and we can listen to sermons.

I hope that you take time on Sunday to listen to the Word of God being taught by your pastor. We should all set aside time for that.

As a pastor, I spend a lot of time listening to other sermons and Bible teaching and I am very blessed by the messages I hear.

If you don’t have the time to listen to many messages outside of Sunday, check out our new page “One Minute Sermons“. I think you will find them very thought-provoking and encouraging. Hopefully, they will leave you wanting more of God’s Word!

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