Happy Resurrection Day!

Tomorrow is Easter.

During this time of year the average American will spend over $140.00 things like chocolate bunnies and jellybeans. That’s a whopping total of $16.4 billion dollars! (source)

Whether or not you spend your money on cards or candy, make sure you take time to remember that Jesus Christ is Risen! He conquered death! He lives in victory.

There’s no better way to celebrate Easter than gathering together with your local congregation, lifting your hands in praise, and allowing a Bible Study about the Resurrection to bring encouragement and confidence to your walk with Jesus.

If you don’t know the Lord, or don’t believe in God, start now!

I sincerely hope and pray that you have a tremendous Easter.

By the way, for a good read on the meaning of the word “Easter” check out this article from Answers in Genesis.

How will you be celebrating Easter? Going to a Passion Play? Eating a great meal with your family? Share your comments below.

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