12 Short Prayer Principles

I recently read the book “Praying With Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation” by D.A. Carson.

With each chapter, I jotted down one principle of roughly one sentence in length. These were not summary statements of the chapter, but rather they were my personal take aways, lessons I learned from reading the chapter.

On an aside, this is a new practice I think I will adopt. With any book I read, I will attempt to write down at least one major take-away from each chapter. I offer that idea to you–maybe it will help you. Let me know if it does.

Here’s my 12 short prayer principles:

  1. Planning prayer time is absolutely essential. Schedule it!
  2. A proper framework for prayer is to keep in mind the eternal destiny of believers.
  3. Our goals and visions must be birthed out of prayer and must be prayed about over and over again.
  4. If we are going to follow Paul’s example, we will never overlook the importance of praying for others.
  5. Praying for others and loving others are related; if one grows the other will naturally grow as well.
  6. To be a healthy Christian, means that one will be living according to the will of God; which is living a life worthy of Him and pleasing Him, having endurance and patience. We must pray to this end.
  7. There is no legitimate excuse for not praying. Stop making them and get on with the important business of prayer.
  8. In every area of life, for myself and others, pray to know what is best.
  9. God’s sovereignty should not lead me to be lazy in prayer; rather I should see it as a way of partnering with God’s purpose.
  10. Of all the things to pray, whether for ourselves or others, knowing God is one of the most important.
  11. The integrity and intensity of our prayer lives is directly related to our experiencing God.
  12. Prayer is not like a recipe or magic—it is the essential communication of a vital relationship.

Which of these do you find most helpful? Let me know by scrolling down and typing in the comments below.

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