Three Reasons to Attend The 2014 Ottawa Koinonia Conference

Over the years in my walk with Jesus, God has used conferences greatly in my life.

Calvary Fellowship Ottawa is sponsoring what I know will be a wonderful and amazing conference this coming weekend. It’s called Koinonia. (That is the transliteration of a Greek word which means fellowship or community). My family attended this conference the first time they put it on which was a couple years ago. I had the privelege at that time of being one of the speakers. We had a great time!

Here’s three reasons why you should consider attended this conference.

1. The speaker is Pastor Sandy Adams. Sandy, in my opinion, is one of the best Bible teachers on the face of the planet. Every message I’ve ever heard from him has been full of encouragement, truth, and conviction.

2. The schedule is very well thought out. This is not a conference with fifteen main sessions in three days! There is plenty of time to relax, fellowship (Koinonia!), and get to know the others attending the conference.

3. There will be opportunities for evangelism.  During the day, many will be hitting the street to share their faith. Evangelism training will also be provided.

If you live in Eastern Ontario or Quebec, I hope you will pray about attending this conference! Check out the above video of my friend Andy Falleur to tell you more about it.

Or click here to go to the conference website.