Principles of Christian Money Management

We all have money. And we need to use it properly. Jesus had a lot to say about this topic.

Here are my notes from a message that I watched which was given by the (former) administrator of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. I hope it is a blessing to you.


* Pray for godly wisdom, protection and opportunities regarding our money management.
* We need to pray for God’s wisdom and His plan for our finances.


* The word of God has thousands of verses on stewardship and finances.
* Seek Godly counsel.
* There is always room to grow.
* Spending a $100.00 of books and other resources on this topic can save you thousands of dollars.


* 15 percent of bible is about money
* Basic principles in the Bible include:

* Stewardship
* Be faithful in small things and you will be put over more.
* “To whom much is given much is required”

* We need a balance sheet and a statement of activity.
* ex: A photographer and videographer at a wedding capture the same event but tell two different stories. One is a balance sheet one is a statement of activity.
* This forms the basis of some projections for the future


* Defined: What you do with what you have based on what you know and who you know

1. Earning: The parable of the talents says nothing about giving and everything about management.
2. Giving
3. Spending: We must understands needs vs. wants. Covetousness can cause us to sin. “Consumer” = devour.
4. Saving: Before you do anything, have an emergency fund.
5. Investing: We invest not so we can live lavishly, but for giving and transferring. Be diversified, it is a Biblical concept. Be patient: put away a small amount every month. Have a long term view.
6. Evaluating: There has to be a component of accountability. Review the plans and process.
7. Transferring: What will happen after I die? Most people die with debt. Make a plan. Leave a legacy. have a will.

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