Decision Making

It’s something we do every day. In the book of Acts, the church was faced with making a BIG decision–choosing a new Apostle. The picked Matthias. It’s very interesting how they did it. In this video, I talk about five facets incorporated into their decision making process. They are community, …

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Starting a Group

Are you part of a small group? Being part of a good, Christian small group, life group, or home fellowship, can be life-changing. We were not meant to do life alone. We need people to love us and we need people in our life that we can love. Christian small …

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How to Have a Quiet Time

I have known Betty for a LONG time. Janet and I count her and her husband, Nilson, among our closest friends. I have always respected her walk with the Lord and I thought it would be a great idea to ask her some questions about the habits that she maintains …

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Spiritual Disciplines

I sat down with Pastor Min Lee of L.A. City Baptist Church to discuss the topic of spiritual disciplines. I’ve known Pastor Min for years and I have much respect for him. His teaching, his family, his walk with the Lord is really special. I asked him what does he …

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What to Look for in a Church

I was at my son’s football practice thinking about how football, like many sports, is a team sport. So is church. We need each other, and we all play different positions. Check out this video where I make a few observations about what to look for in a church. What …

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This One Habit

If there’s one practice that will lead to spiritual growth, it is hiding God’s Word in your heart. After checking out this video, please scroll down and leave a comment. Tell me about a verse that you have hidden in your heart and why you like it.

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The Fundamental of the Daily Quiet Time

There’s nothing more helpful in your walk with God than taking time every day to be in His presence. It’s like practicing the basics if you’re an athlete. As Christians, if we want to grow, we need to spend time in the Word and in prayer.