My Reluctant Author Story

During a home group that I attend, one of the brothers prayed for me that God would help me to minister more through writing. When I heard those words come out of his mouth, I was bit shocked. How did he know that I loved writing and that I wrote a book?
I don’t remember all he prayed, but it was one of those moments where my heart was captured by the Holy Spirit — it’s difficult to describe. His prayer resonated with me in a way that I knew would call me to action.
Anyway, speaking with him afterwards, he told me that he discovered online that I had written a book. He bought it, read it, and really liked it. He encourage me to press on in this area.
Several months previous, another friend, after church one Sunday, told me that I should write a book. I chuckled, because I had already written a book, but few people knew about it. Over time, others have mentioned that they think I have a gift for writing.
So I spoke with an author friend of mine, Rachel Starr Thomson, who actually edited my book. In our conversation, she said that she liked it and gave me some tips on getting the word out about my book. She encouraged me not to look at marketing as marketing, but to look at it as ministry. That was helpful.
I have finally decided that it is time to take writing a bit more seriously, realizing that God has something to say through me, as He does, I believe, through many, if not each of us.
Consequently, I created a Facebook Author page for any of you who would like to track with what I’m doing in this area. (If you hurry, you may be the first one to “like” it!)
I will be using that page to post news and updates related to any media that I create.
I’m also giving away a FREE resource I designed called, “What is God’s Will for my Life?” You can sign up for that here.
Lastly, could I please ask you to pray for me? I want to be faithful to what God is calling me. I never want to go in the wrong direction. I need wisdom. Thanks so much!

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