Devotion (Session #6: 2015 Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference)

Really loved Pastor Bud Stonebreaker’s message to the Calvary Chapel pastors based on Luke 10:38-42. Here’s my notes.

Devotion is not something we “do” it is something we are.

Our ministry and life flows from our devotion.

We preach from what we already practice.

We must have a life of listening.

The church grows out of a life of devotion.

Martha is a certain woman. Jesus loved her.

Which would make a better wife? With Mary you get passion and a poem, Martha you will get dinner and a clean house.

The Lord likes Mary’s approach.

Mary was giving the Lord what He wanted, Martha was giving the Lord what she thought He needed.

Martha was distracted with much serving.

Martha is freaking out. She’s being pulled apart within yourself; she’s being pulled away from the Lord.

This is an unacceptable way of serving the Lord.

Mary is serving the Lord; Martha is serving for the Lord.

Our pride is subtle.

We do it for Jesus but we hope to get praise for ourselves.

v40 – “Lord, don’t you care….”

1. She questions the Lord’s love for her.

And our service begins to suffer. Our service becomes all about us.

2. She sees her sister as a traitor.

Martha is angry.

3. She feels alone.

Jesus already died for the church; we don’t have to.

4. She tells Jesus what to do.

The hallmark of the church of the last days is that Jesus is on the outside trying to get in.

v42 – “one thing is needed…”

The ministry that is centred upon sitting at the feet of Jesus.

1. Exclusive

Anything else is unacceptable. Hearing from Jesus is the only way to do it.

2. It’s a choice.

There’s temptation to do other things. Mary had to choose to be there. Jesus let Martha spin her wheels and get flustered. The Lord may not intervene when we are doing our own thing. You have to choose what kind of ministry you are going to have. You strive or the Lord directs.

3. It’s good.

It’s the enjoyable way to do ministry. His grace is good.

In Calvary Chapel, the younger generation is going to be tempted to serve the ministry instead of waiting on the Lord.

4. It won’t be taken away.

Jesus will defend the position of waiting on Him.

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