Christianity, Culture, & the Gospel (Tuesday PM Session: 2015 Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference)

So thankful for the great teachers that are a part of the Calvary Chapel movement.

Tuesday evening’s session was taught by Phil Metzger.

Here’s my notes from God’s message through him.

What are you willing to do for the gospel?

When you move overseas you have to give up a lot. It’s family. It’s the way you think. It’s language. Everything is foreign.

God becomes the one constant.

Christianity, culture, and the gospel.

Living overseas forces you to consider these things.

How do I communicate these things?

Jesus is the answer to everything.

The gospel has power.

This is our opportunity. It’s our time to bring the hope of gospel.

1 Corinthians 9

Paul wanted to win people to Christ.

We want to see people get saved.


1. What will I lay down for the sake of the gospel?

Will I lay down non-essentials freedoms for the sake of the gospel?

Will I lay down non-essential convictions for the sake of the gospel?

Paul respected their culture.

The Holy Spirit is really good at changing us.

Reconsider every issue in light of the gospel.

2. What will I take up for the gospel?

Can I take up non-essential freedoms and convictions for the sake of the gospel?

Not compromise or sin, but doing things he wouldn’t normally do in order to win people?

How do we go about winning people? We need to push the reset button on our methodology.

Pastor Chuck took things up for the sake of the gospel.

“I don’t live in a post-Christian society, I live in a pre-revival society.”

Be willing to offend a few Christian friends to win a few unsaved people.

3. What are the non-negotiables?

The message and the character of the messenger are non-negotiable.

Philippians 2:5-8 shows us how Jesus laid down and took up for the sake of reaching people.

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