Mark’s Gospel reminds us that the goal of the Christian life is not to find security or self-fulfillment. Following Jesus is responding to a radical call to commitment, taking up our crosses and following him. The gospel holds no promise for those who are seeking power and wealth and fame and prestige. To be first, Jesus says, you must be last. To be a leader, you must become a slave. To live, you must die​.

This is a quote from a book I am reading called, “Four Portraits, One Jesus” by Mark Strauss. It’s a great book which gives tons of info about the history and setting of the gospels.

I thought I would post this quote because I believe in this day and age we need to be reminded that the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian life is not about self-fulfillment, convenience, or gaining popularity. It is about experiencing forgiveness, knowing God through a relationship with Jesus, living under His authority, and spreading His saving message to everyone.

Hope that encourages you to press on in your relationship with Jesus and your study of the word!