Need Some Comfort?

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Comfort means to encourage. It comes from the Greek word, parakaleo which means “to come alongside of”. To comfort someone is to walk alongside of them during their difficulty. Sometimes, many times, it’s just being there. Words are not always necessary. Think about the times that you have been through a …

Do You Have Time to Listen to a Sixty Minute Sermon? How About a ONE Minute Sermon?

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I recently read that we spend ninety minutes a day on the phone. All of that time is not spent in actually calling people. Using your cell phone to make a call is actually sixth on the list behind web browsing, using apps, checking social media, and gaming. How are you spending …

footsteps following jesus

Six Questions to Ask Yourself About Following Jesus

Pastor Pat Bible Study, Christian Living

How do you follow Jesus? Last Sunday at the church I pastor, I preached a sermon about following Jesus. We are going through the gospel of Matthew on Sunday mornings; I was at Matthew 4:18-22. Jesus calls four fishermen to follow Him. They all do so immediately. Together at Calvary, …