Falling On Your Face

“So when Moses heard it, he fell on his face.” (Numbers 16:4)

Moses was an incredible leader. In the book of Numbers 12-16, we see him deal with gossip, rebellion, and disobedience within the congregation. His response, usually, was to fall on his face and pray to the Lord.

This needs to be our response when we face difficulties.

Falling on your face before the Lord is more than saying a prayer. It is humbling and desperate intersession before God. This is what a godly leader, a godly man or woman does – they cry out to the Lord. They don’t just say a prayer.

Moses seeks the Lord; he falls on his face in total abandonment and surrender to God. He recognizes that the need is so great and there is no rescue apart from God moving. Moses needed a solution from God. He did not know what to do. He was overwhelmed. So he fell on his face before the Lord.

Whatever you and I face today or in the future, we don’t face alone. There may come difficult times, troubling times, even impossible times. These are the times when “normal” prayer won’t do. The solution will come, God will give it to you as you fall on your face before Him.

The only way to face some problems is face down.

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